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Single Friends at Bonfire

A Meetup in Miami

What to Expect from Events & Adventures

It’s time to heat things up with a meetup in Miami from Events & Adventures South Florida. Each Events & Adventures city is special and unique in its own way. Our dynamic groups of single members are what give each city character and a thrilling calendar of events. If you’re single and looking to get out of the house or meet someone special, Events & Adventures hosts over 30 events every month including in-person activities and fun virtual events. A meetup in Miami allows you to meet new people, try new things, and find excitement in paradise!

But how do you know what a meetup in Miami really has in store? We went straight to the Event Managers who deal with our members daily to get inside information on what the singles in this city are like:

Q: What makes a meetup in Miami special?

A:The Miami area is special because you can find paradise in every direction. Explore South Florida by driving 30 minutes in any direction and you can find something different. From neon lights and beach club vibes to hammock trees that shade the streets with vast gardens of tropical paradise. Then suddenly, alligators or panthers with absolutely no civilization around you.

Q: If there was one word to describe what the single members in your group are like, what would it be and why?

A: Like the temperature, South Florida members are very warm. These members are very receptive to new experiences, including connecting with new people, ideas and backgrounds.

Q: What’s your personal favorite meetup at Events & Adventures?

A: My favorite activity is the Epic Hikes Series. Every month we explore a new park in Florida, which is very special because of how different Florida’s landscape changes in every direction. We’ve gone to the heart of the Florida panthers’ habitat in the Everglades, to hiking paths along the ocean where we’ve walked through the rocks and corals shaped by the waves of the ocean.

An event that I’m really looking forward to takes place over 2 days. Our members really like being outside for a full moon and this summer there is a Strawberry Full Moon. It’s just as beautiful as you can imagine. The night before we’re having Strawberry Fields Forever cooking class featuring a 3 course “All Things Strawberry” menu, along with strawberry martinis. The night of the full moon, we’re going to meet up at the park for a themed full moon circle. Complete with the courses we learned to cook, astrological activities, and games as we watch the moon rise!

Q: What are the most popular events attended by the members?

A: The most popular events speak volumes to the independence and curiosity of these singles. Full Moon kayaking is an awesome event because we all get our own kayaks and go out on the water for a couple of hours. When we come back, there’s a bonfire with s’mores and we all mingle. People also enjoy new areas of South Florida so we put together tours and experiences that bring out South Florida culture. This summer, we’re doing a midnight snack attack event in Little Havana. There is a local favorite called La Palma that serves churros and chocolate, with the Little Havana mural around the corner. It’s a really hearty event that is the ultimate #SouthFloridaLife experience.

Q: Have you witnessed love connections?

A: I’ve thankfully seen connections flourish within our club. One story involves our staff being very talented in seeing the best and brightest of our members from their initial interviews. It’s very rare that the staff mentions a potential connection to a member, but in one case it was undeniable. Without disclosing this person’s identity, our staff mentioned the potential for a connection in the club during someone’s interview. It was an instant connection when the two met, and we didn’t say until later on that it had been the match mentioned in the interview. The two are really cute and are thriving together!

Although this is just one example, meeting people through a meetup in Miami is easy with Events & Adventures. When people focus on just having fun, everyone is single and everyone shares common interests in the activity, sparks are bound to fly!

To become a member with Events & Adventures, just fill out our brief form at eventsandadventures.com and get started on your next adventure.