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Escape game and other fun events with Events & Adventures Bay Area

Join Events & Adventures for Things to do in Silicon Valley

As a single person in the Silicon Valley, you know you have to work hard. But what do you do after your work day is done? Watch TV? Go to a bar? Go on another shot-in-the-dark date with someone that you met online? Well, here’s what singles in Silicon Valley who are Events & Adventures members do in their spare time.

We laugh.

This summer we attended a hysterical murder mystery dinner and two fun escape rooms. We have an evening at ComedySportz, a pool party at Raging Waters at our own private cabana and a sleepover at the Monterey Bay Aquarium coming up this summer, so there are still plenty more laughs to be had.

We are entertained.

We watched a marvelous production of the play Chicago, had tailgate parties before soccer games and went to a Pitbull concert.

We hike.

Our hikes have taken us to see the seals at Anu Nuevo, a winery in the hills and through the grand estate grounds of Filoli.

We sing.

Our members have taken center stage at Dueling Pianos shows and many of us share a passion for music and karaoke, which is always even more fun when you’re with Events & Adventures.

We learned.

We took classes on how to make sushi and ravioli from scratch. We learned a new sport called Jingafit, took an introductory scuba lesson, made gorgeous aromatic candles and we’re even going to take a human figure drawing class!

We mingle.

Nothing’s more relaxing than hanging with a dozen wonderful friends at some of the best and most unique lounges, sports bars and restaurants in the area.

We play.

We play sand volleyball, disc golf, flag football, glow-in-the-dark soccer and softball. And this summer we’re looking forward to an inner tube water polo tourney, trampoline dodgeball and indoor skydiving.

If this kind of lifestyle is what you’re looking for, join Events & Adventures in the Bay Area and you’ll be living a life you love in no time.

Fun events with Events & Adventures San Francisco

Meet New People in Northern California

One of the most exciting things about Events & Adventures is that you never know who you’ll meet at an event. Sometimes you’ll go to an event that mostly men have signed up for, other times there might be more women attending, and often it will seem like a pretty even split of genders.

Events & Adventures has a diverse member base. Our members range from 21 years of age to those who are several decades older. One of the best things about being a part of the club is getting to meet a wide array of interesting people, of all races, religions and ages.  However, sometimes it’s nice to know that you will be going to an event that is geared specifically for those in your particular age group. That’s why we hold Young Professionals and Premier Club events.

Events for young professionals are geared toward those members who are under the age of 40, and Premier Club events are geared toward those who are 40 and older. However, the northern California clubs allow all members to attend either event. We want our members to use the event as an opportunity to get to bond with members in a particular age group. We want it to be known that all members are welcome to attend PC or YP events.

In the last few months, Young Professional events have included a casino night at an upscale lounge, dancing at a luxury nightspot, a wild evening playing Cards Against Humanity in a V.I.P. area in a trendy bar, and an evening trying mini foot golf, followed by a get-together at a gourmet burger bar.

Premier Club members have enjoyed wine tasting on a private patio while a live blues band played in the background and a soiree at a swanky hotel with live jazz. In May, PC members savored delicious BBQ with smokin’ hot live music and a unique event which consisted of an olive oil tasting class combined with a wine mingle.

In Santa Clara, we often hold our Premier Club Events on the same night as our Young Professional events, members often attend both events. At Events & Adventures in northern California we always believe the more, the merrier.  We find that the members who have the best time at events are those that open themselves up to new experiences and to new people, regardless of their age.

Fun events with Events & Adventures San Francisco

Events & Adventures San Francisco has a Week of Outdoor Activities

Hiking! Mingling! Zipping! It was another epic week of outdoor activities with the Events & Adventure Bay Area club.  We started off the week by strolling through the rolling green lawns and colorful, showy blooms that highlighted the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.   San Jose’s Municipal Rose Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, drawing thousands of visitors each year. Hardly a day passes when some species is not in full bloom, which isn’t surprising when more than 3,500 plantings and 189 varieties featured.

We visited many of the garden’s original features – including the reflection pool in the center of the structural entrance, the ornate garden vases and the famous rose garden’s two-tiered water fountain.  After our walk through the rose garden, we traveled a few blocks away and ended the evening with a mingling session at the Normandy House.  This week we also went on a docent-guided nature hike through the estate’s nature preserve. It surrounds one of the finest country estates of the early 20th century, Filoli Mansion.

Our outdoor activities continued with a hike in the woodlands at dusk, the ideal time of day to spot Filoli’s resident wildlife. We came within feet of deer and marveled at the beauty of the flora and fauna at the Filoli pond. Our guide taught us about the plants in the area. We learned which ones were edible, poisonous and used those used for a variety of fascinating purposes. What an amazing way to spend a weekday evening!

The highlights of the week came on Saturday when 16 of our members went zip-lining through the grand sequoias of Mount Herman. The two-hour guided eco-adventure included six zip lines and two sky bridges that our members had to traverse at heights of up to 150 feet. Along the way, two certified guides shared ecological knowledge and stories that brought the forest to life.

Another eight brave members chose to participate in the Sequoia Adventure Tour. Those members experienced an exhilarating adventure while exploring the redwood forest. Members pushed themselves to conquer multiple activities, including swinging logs, cargo nets, and cables set 30 to 80 feet in the air! Three self-guided courses of varying levels of difficulty allowed everyone to be challenged at their own pace.  One of the best aspects of being a member of Events & Adventures is that we get to choose own pace and the kinds of adventures we want to experience!

Night Train Scavenger Hunt with Events & Adventures Santa Clara

Events & Adventures Santa Clara Gives us an Inside Look

We sat down with one of our event managers and she gave us a little insight on what it’s like to work for Events & Adventures. People always ask her if she likes her job and her answer is always the same, “It’s the best job I’ve ever had in my life!”  She loves the creativity of putting together great experiences that pique the interests of our very diverse member base. Some of our members are thrill-seekers; they love the skydiving, hang gliding, zip lining and rock climbing type of events. Others enjoy more casual and artistic activities, so she’s always on the lookout for great theatre performances and fantastic museum venues.

She says we also have many members who like anything – as long as it’s athletic! Sand volleyball, trampoline dodgeball, flag football and disc golf are just a few of the events that we plan and that they flock to. One of her most popular activities is hiking. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hike on the beach or through the redwoods, or a hike just to watch the sunset – the combination of good exercise and good friends always makes the day special.

She often even puts together “interactive” events for her members. The Santa Clara club had an Amazing Race where the members solved clues, traveled using three different methods of transportation and had to perform crazy tasks as they raced through the streets of Mountain View. We had a dude ranch adventure which included horseback riding, roping lessons, and a truly hysterical pie-eating contest. Scavenger hunts are also always a member favorite, especially when each destination is determined by a clue or a puzzle that needs to be solved as a team.

Sometimes we just meet and have a beer while we play board games, or watch a sporting event and mingle. Other times we play trivia games at a venue and laugh ourselves silly. And sometimes we just go to an unusual restaurant together and enjoy the simple pleasure of each other’s company.  Our event managers love sitting up at night coming up with ideas! Whale watching, escape rooms, kayaking, a caricature drawing class, fencing, aerial yoga, the list goes on.  Their minds can never seem to shut off the faucet of ideas that keep popping into their brains!  As a member of Events & Adventures, you’ll see and experience this for yourself!

Singles group events with Events & Adventures

Santa Clara Members Meet Exciting New People Everyday

Every once in a while Events & Adventures Santa Clara will have an ice breaker meeting to bring new members into the fold.  It’s no surprise that since our club is based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, a member will often introduce themselves as an engineer of one ilk or another. Of course, we do have members that are teachers and doctors and plumbers and every other profession under the sun, but a large number of our members come from tech fields.  So, when member Bernard Weston said that he was a painter we were all instantly intrigued. Some of us went home and Googled his name.  Darned if he wasn’t just ANY painter, he was a nationally recognized artist!

Bernard Weston (Bernie) is an Asian-influenced California painter, who draws on his personal engagement with Chinese and Japanese art history, theory and philosophy, to create paintings of the sublime. The goal for a painter like Weston is not just to produce amazing art, but to do so in conjunction with studied processes of mental, spiritual, and physical Zen such as practice and preparedness. Bernie’s paintings exemplify the phrase “East meets West”, utilizing innovative, avant-garde materials while being grounded the tradition of meditative art-making.

This week, the spectacular Simone Beckett Gallery in Los Gatos opened its doors for us to be able to view Bernie’s work during private Events & Adventures only event.  The gallery set up a table in their courtyard for our members to bring bottles of wine to share and enjoy while they perused the gallery. Bernie took the time to explain his techniques to our members as they looked on in awe at all the beautiful works created by the hand of our very own resident artist.  The evening was as memorable as it was magical and unique. A nationally renowned artist? With Events & Adventures you are guaranteed to meet new people who are unique and exciting virtually every day.

Fun singles group events with Events & Adventures Santa Clara

FUN things to do in Santa Clara

How do you spell FUN?  In the South Bay in California we spell it like this:

Last week, we had a Fantastic experience—we learned to fight with padded weapons called Combative Wushu Weapons. It was a fantastic way for students to learn realistic sword combat safely and without risk of injury.  A weapons expert taught our members traditional weapon striking and defensive techniques, and once we learned the basics our members had the opportunity to spar with fellow students and even the instructors! Afterwards, the class was divided into evenly-matched teams for exciting session of sword fighting matches and games like capture-the-flag and defend-the-general.

We had more fantastic experiences at our weekly volleyball game. As usual, more than 20 members came out to either join in on the action or just kick back with a cool drink and watch. To round out our trifecta of action packed fantastic experiences we spent an evening smashing shuttlecocks back and forth as we tried our hands at badminton. It was the first time many of us had played the game, and we all managed to have a wild and action packed time despite the sophisticated image the game has—showing that anything can be exciting when you have our great members around you.

U stands for the unfettered creativity of our members as we descended upon an upscale ceramic lounge and let our creative juices flow. We created everything from a magnificent dragon to a paw-printed dog bowl as we mingled and cracked jokes.

And finally, N stands for the fact that there is NOTHING quite like hanging out with other Events & Adventures members.  At our last members meeting, we had a chance to share future event ideas, got to know the names of new members, play darts and board games. It was a great opportunity to just kick back and swap stories with a great group of people.   At Events & Adventures’ South Bay club, every day is all about the FUN!

Out for a game with Events & Adventures

Events & Adventures San Francisco Enjoys a Night of Baseball

Events & Adventures enjoyed the crisp spring air as we watched the San Francisco Giants take on the Oakland Athletics in a battle of the bay during a preseason game. We all came together that night to celebrate baseball being back in the Bay Area. Regardless of whether we bled orange or green, we came together for our mutual love of baseball and great company.

AT&T Park was packed that night with fans young and old to come see their teams they have been waiting for since October. Events & Adventures bundled, grabbed some beer and garlic fries, and gathered in the bleachers to cheer on our teams! As soon as pitcher Jeff Samardzija threw out the first pitch, all eyes were on the diamond. We all teased fans of the opposing teams, but at the end of the day we all had a great time, and no matter what team we were rooting for we were all there to enjoy some hardball and make new friends.

After the event, Events & Adventures members jokingly contemplated about what made a “real” baseball fan, and here are a few of the things we came up with:

  • Celebrates wins and gets depressed about losses
  • Knows every player on the team
  • Comes to at least 20 games a year and watches the rest on TV unless there’s an emergency
  • Doesn’t go overboard with the team merchandise and instead shows their dedication through spirit
  • Refrains from using a cellphone and engaging in non-baseball-related conversations during games
  • Cheers for ONE team and only that team
  • Comes to the game no matter the weather conditions

And mostly importantly, a real fan is a person who cheers on their team in the way that’s appropriate and respectful.  On this late night in March our Giants fans went home with the win. But don’t worry A’s fans, we still have a long baseball season ahead of us and there are sure to be many games on the calendar ahead.

Every day is a fun day with Events & Adventures

Meet New People While Having New Adventures in Santa Clara

The first week of April was a busy one for Events & Adventures members in the Bay Area, as we sang, danced, made works of art, and learned how to defend ourselves. All these things were mixed in with a little laughter over wine, and a hike through the redwoods to look at waterfalls.

On Monday, we found our inner artists as we learned to draw caricatures from a professional. The venue was an eclectic warehouse covered with art from the ceiling to the floor. We learned and created while a DJ filled the air with great beats for inspiration.  Then on Tuesday, we met for our weekly tradition of sand volleyball, board games, drinks and good company at The Sports Page Bar and Grill. As usual, over two dozen of our members were in attendance.

On Wednesday, we attended an incredible class in self-defence. The Urban Combat Reality-Based Self-Defence class taught us how to respond to dangerous emergencies in the real world. We learned what to do when a stranger approaches and how to react if they were to attempt to enter our cars. Not only was the information invaluable, but the atmosphere was also energetic and incredibly fun. We will definitely be going back to this venue!

Thursday night we cowboyed it up with a line dancing lesson and then mingled at a country-western bar. Then on Friday, over two dozen of our members sang their hearts out when we revisited our favorite karaoke bar. At Events & Adventures it doesn’t matter how well you sing—all your club members will support you and cheer you on from the sidelines. So let all your inhibitions fly right out the window!

When Saturday night rolled around, over two dozen of our members relaxed and mingled at a shoe-themed wine bar. A little wine, a little shoe shopping and a lot of laughs ensued!  Finally on Sunday morning, we pulled on our hiking boots and nearly three dozen members hit the trails to walk through redwoods and view breathtaking waterfalls. As always with our Events & Adventures hikes, this event was incredibly popular. It was a beautiful day to get some exercise and to meet new people.  So many memories were already created this week, and many more left to make this the month!

Riding horses with Events & Adventures

Find Things to do on a Rainy Day in the Bay Area

Gloomy weather can ruin the moods of even the most optimistic of people, but at Events & Adventures we always find a way to make the most of our time together; no matter what the weather is like, we’ll always have things to do on a rainy day.

It’s happened to all of us—we plan a lovely day outdoors and then the weather decides to be a spoilsport; it begins pouring the night before and continues relentlessly for the next entire day, ruining your plans entirely! When you’re in that situation it’s very easy to fall into a sour mood and wonder what to do to make the day a little less disastrous. That’s where Events & Adventures comes in. We planned a weekend of outdoor adventures, and a little rain didn’t stop us from making the most of our weekend.

On Saturday, a group of us went up to wine country to try a variety of wine from some of the local wineries and educated ourselves on the different varietals. Even though we couldn’t play any of the lawn games because of the weather, we still made the best of it. We shared cheese, crackers, wine and great conversation. Meanwhile in the South Bay, our members turned a flag football game into a successful day of mudball. The rain was coming down hard and our members were playing even harder. Wet and wild was definitely the theme of the day.

Then on Sunday, Raider, Chucky and Buster led our way through the rain. These were some of the horses that members got to ride at Garrod Farms as they enjoyed a trail ride. It was drizzling a bit but this did not stop us from taking in the beautiful landscapes. The trails allowed us to wander through vineyards and oak chaparral forests teeming with wildlife. In the South bay nothing was going to stop us from hiking through that redwood forest and enjoying nature and the company of our fellow members.

So next time you’re looking for things to do on a rainy day, let Events & Adventures create the kind of experience that you’ve always craved.

Fun Singles group events with Events & Adventures Santa Clara

Events & Adventures Santa Clara Dishes on Their Weekly Activities

What’s a “typical” week like with Events & Adventures? Well, we started the week with an incredible hibachi dinner at Benihana. Then on Tuesday night over 20 of our members gathered for our weekly tradition of a little sand volleyball—with lot of eating, drinking and laughing out loud mixed in.

On Wednesday, we had an event at Vino Locale set up exclusively for our members. We call these events ‘Premier Club’ events. Our members had the entire Secret Garden patio to themselves as they sampled wine, and enjoyed the musical stylings of a live jazz guitarist.

Then, we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day together by laughing until our sides hurt thanks to the antics of comedian Dana Carvey performed, who performed at a comedy club called The Improv. On Friday night we got a private room at Bowlmor, the most upscale bowling alley in the Silicon Valley, where we had exclusive access to a bocce ball court, ping-pong and a bar.

We christened the weekend by meeting celebrities and touring the incredible movie memorabilia at Steve Wozniak’s Comic Con on Saturday morning. Our members met and took pictures with Jeremy Renner (Avengers), Nathan Fillion (Castle), Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future), William Shatner (Star Trek), R2D2 and many other iconic characters and celebrities. We even got to sit in the actual DeLorean car used in the movie Back to The Future, see Wilson (Tom Hank’s Volleyball friend from Castaway), come within arm’s reach of Iron Man’s helmet and marvel at Wolverine’s adamantium claws.

But that was just the beginning of the day. We ended on Saturday night at Pure Lounge with our Young Professionals event, which is geared toward members under 40. Our members had a great time dancing and enjoying the nightlife together.

We ended the weekend by giving our members the choice between Skeet Shooting at a beautiful country club or going on a GPS scavenger hunt throughout Redwood City. During the scavenger hunt members performed hysterical challenges– like forming a chorus line with strangers, or standing in a lagoon while being forced to hold their shoes over their heads! At the end trophies were awarded to the winning group and a fantastic time was had by all. There isn’t anything comparable to a “typical” week with Events & Adventures.