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Mud Sweat and Tears – the San Francisco Club Takes on Tough Mudder

This isn’t your typical race; Tough Mudder is 10 to 12 miles of mud and obstacles built to test your mental grit, ability to work as a team, and all-around physical fitness. Tough Mudder is not a competition; it’s about working together with your teammates to cross that finish line! Events & Adventures members trained and built up the courage to test their ability by heading up to Tahoe to take on the altitude in a once-in-a-lifetime challenge.  It was a bright, cool morning and the run took place on piney mountain trails. We stretched, we cheered, and when whistle blew—we were off.

Despite how tough it was we all had a great time.  One highlight of our run was the Block Ness Monster, which was as epic and tricky as Nessie herself.  Mudders had to help one another push, pull and roll their way through 60 feet of slick, rotating barriers.  After that, we ran eight miles. We were cold, but had to push through even greater deep freeze when we slid into a huge dumpster of ice and then jumped over a barrier into more ice. Not surprisingly, our bodies started to tense up, and we could no longer feel our fingers, but there was no time to wallow in the pain—we had to get up and run again.  This time it was through a field of live wires, but hey, a little electricity never hurt anyone.

Events & Adventures is all about working together, meeting people and having fun. Tough Mudder is a prime example of how people of all different ages, physical ability and mental strength came together to all cross the finish line. We lifted each other over walls, up ramps and pulled each other out of the mud. Without one another, there was no way to finish that challenge; it had to be tackled as team.  At the end we all were freezing cold, but the free beer and the smile across every face was worth it!

Memorial Day Camping in San Francisco

Sometimes you need a little motivation to get up and get back to nature. The process of finding a campground, organizing and packing your gear can deter even hardcore campers from venturing out. But this Memorial Day, Events & Adventures members had no excuse because we did all the hard work for them.  All our members had to do was show up and have fun.  Camping gets our members out from behind their desks and puts them in the middle of nature with other great people. Through our camping adventures we met some really cool people and strengthened our bonds with the members we already knew.

The San Francisco and Santa Clara Club came together with over 100 members to head up to the American River for three nights of camping!  We braved the heat and the mosquitoes to have an EPIC weekend.  On Saturday, a group of us hit the rapids as we strapped on our helmets, buckled our life vests and set out on a four hour raft trip. We had to work together to make it to our destination. There were splash fights, paddle air guitars and only one member fell out of their raft.  Other members took a journey down the road to sit in vineyards, sip some wine, taste some cheese and bask in the sunshine. There was something for all our members to do from hiking to just hanging out at the camp site and throwing the baseball around or tossing bags for cornhole.

When the sun went down we all helped cook dinner. We were spoiled with tri-tip fajitas and delicious stir fry. The great thing about camping is at night it’s just you and the stars, and of course all 100 other Events & Adventures members. We wrapped up the night around the camp fire to roast marshmallows and sing songs.  Memorial Day weekend was nothing short of an amazing time. We all left a little tanner, with some awesome memories, experiences, new friends and about a dozen itchy mosquito bites.  See you all for the next camping trip!

Great Golfing Events in San Francisco

Events & Adventures members spent a Sunday on the green at one of our great golfing events. They learned the proper techniques swinging techniques and played some fun games, such as closest to the hole or longest drive. Members were able to enjoy gorgeous views of Marin County while playing on one of Northern California’s best heritage courses.

Any golfer will undoubtedly tell you that there are few things that feel as good as hitting a great golf shot. It’s almost like magic. Practice and swing drills are the key to good shots and Events & Adventures members mastered them. Afterwards, members rewarded themselves with a 19th Hole cocktail and mingled.

Why learn how to golf, you ask? It’s not just a great way to schmooze on a business trip, but it’s an awesome addition to your social life, as well. More and more people are learning to play and going to golfing events. So next time you want to have a double date, why not head out to the course and get to know each other over 18 holes. Golf is the perfect venue to make new friendships as well and strengthen old ones. When a golfer joins a friend for 18 holes, they are guaranteed three to four hours of time with them. If you show up at the course alone, a golfer has the opportunity to meet someone new, share a tee time and spend the afternoon getting to know them.

And believe it or not, the course is a great place for guys and girls to meet their future spouse or partner. If you’re an avid golfer, meeting a fellow golfer definitely earns some bonus points! Take aim, swing and meet the members of Events & Adventures San Francisco out on the course!

The San Francisco Club Goes Sailing and Leaves Their Troubles Behind

Ahoy there! Hop aboard and grab a seat on the port or starboard side, then get ready to cast out the bow and set sail. It was a perfect 80 degree weekend, and 16 Events & Adventures members set sail on the San Francisco Bay.

They say with any relationship you have to have trust and communication; Events & Adventures members were able to practice both in order to charter a five-person sail boat. Sailing builds effective communication and members were trained to work together with each team member in different positions (trimming sails, steering, calling tactics) in order to man the ship.

The team learned new skills such as what to do if someone falls off the boat during a man-overboard (MOB) drill. During the MOB drill, the team had to retrieve a float dropped into the water with the boat under sail. But the real fun began as the crew set sail under the Golden Gate Bridge around Angel Island. We took in the fresh ocean air and even attempted to race a few boats as we headed back to shore.

Sailing is a fantastic experience whether you just do it once or make it a way of life. A sailor can work on the water or go sailing to get away from work in the most literal sense. Give it a try and find out if sailing is your next passion by joining Events & Adventures on our next sailing trip.

Advice on Dating in the Bay Area

For better or worse, dating in the Bay Area is not like dating in any other city. Whether it’s because we’re sometimes too laid back or have Peter Pan syndrome, or perhaps because we have the best hiking dates in this great country, you won’t find another place like the Bay Area to try to find your perfect match. If you do it right, dating here can be better than dating anywhere else in the world. And Events & Adventures can help you do just that.

The Bay Area has some pretty awesome date spots that you can’t find anywhere else and people here are adventurous enough to want to try the unique and unknown. You can shoot bows and arrows, play mini golf in a bar, do a sidewalk food tour, or even just end up at a super-cool bar. All of these things are activities we’ve done at Events & Adventures. We know exactly where and how to find the most unique experiences San Francisco has to offer and our members get exclusive access to special events and outings all the time.

If you are having a hard time finding a relationship that’s moving at an ideal pace or a group of great friends to join for new experiences every week, Events & Adventures can help you find what you’re looking for. We make dating in the bay area easy, and can create a group setting full of laughs and adventures.

Events & Adventures San Francisco Enjoys a Night of Baseball

Events & Adventures enjoyed the crisp spring air as we watched the San Francisco Giants take on the Oakland Athletics in a battle of the bay during a preseason game. We all came together that night to celebrate baseball being back in the Bay Area. Regardless of whether we bled orange or green, we came together for our mutual love of baseball and great company.

AT&T Park was packed that night with fans young and old to come see their teams they have been waiting for since October. Events & Adventures bundled, grabbed some beer and garlic fries, and gathered in the bleachers to cheer on our teams! As soon as pitcher Jeff Samardzija threw out the first pitch, all eyes were on the diamond. We all teased fans of the opposing teams, but at the end of the day we all had a great time, and no matter what team we were rooting for we were all there to enjoy some hardball and make new friends.

After the event, Events & Adventures members jokingly contemplated about what made a “real” baseball fan, and here are a few of the things we came up with:

  • Celebrates wins and gets depressed about losses
  • Knows every player on the team
  • Comes to at least 20 games a year and watches the rest on TV unless there’s an emergency
  • Doesn’t go overboard with the team merchandise and instead shows their dedication through spirit
  • Refrains from using a cellphone and engaging in non-baseball-related conversations during games
  • Cheers for ONE team and only that team
  • Comes to the game no matter the weather conditions

And mostly importantly, a real fan is a person who cheers on their team in the way that’s appropriate and respectful.  On this late night in March our Giants fans went home with the win. But don’t worry A’s fans, we still have a long baseball season ahead of us and there are sure to be many games on the calendar ahead.

Meet New People While Having New Adventures in Santa Clara

The first week of April was a busy one for Events & Adventures members in the Bay Area, as we sang, danced, made works of art, and learned how to defend ourselves. All these things were mixed in with a little laughter over wine, and a hike through the redwoods to look at waterfalls.

On Monday, we found our inner artists as we learned to draw caricatures from a professional. The venue was an eclectic warehouse covered with art from the ceiling to the floor. We learned and created while a DJ filled the air with great beats for inspiration.  Then on Tuesday, we met for our weekly tradition of sand volleyball, board games, drinks and good company at The Sports Page Bar and Grill. As usual, over two dozen of our members were in attendance.

On Wednesday, we attended an incredible class in self-defence. The Urban Combat Reality-Based Self-Defence class taught us how to respond to dangerous emergencies in the real world. We learned what to do when a stranger approaches and how to react if they were to attempt to enter our cars. Not only was the information invaluable, but the atmosphere was also energetic and incredibly fun. We will definitely be going back to this venue!

Thursday night we cowboyed it up with a line dancing lesson and then mingled at a country-western bar. Then on Friday, over two dozen of our members sang their hearts out when we revisited our favorite karaoke bar. At Events & Adventures it doesn’t matter how well you sing—all your club members will support you and cheer you on from the sidelines. So let all your inhibitions fly right out the window!

When Saturday night rolled around, over two dozen of our members relaxed and mingled at a shoe-themed wine bar. A little wine, a little shoe shopping and a lot of laughs ensued!  Finally on Sunday morning, we pulled on our hiking boots and nearly three dozen members hit the trails to walk through redwoods and view breathtaking waterfalls. As always with our Events & Adventures hikes, this event was incredibly popular. It was a beautiful day to get some exercise and to meet new people.  So many memories were already created this week, and many more left to make this the month!

Find Things to do on a Rainy Day in the Bay Area

Gloomy weather can ruin the moods of even the most optimistic of people, but at Events & Adventures we always find a way to make the most of our time together; no matter what the weather is like, we’ll always have things to do on a rainy day.

It’s happened to all of us—we plan a lovely day outdoors and then the weather decides to be a spoilsport; it begins pouring the night before and continues relentlessly for the next entire day, ruining your plans entirely! When you’re in that situation it’s very easy to fall into a sour mood and wonder what to do to make the day a little less disastrous. That’s where Events & Adventures comes in. We planned a weekend of outdoor adventures, and a little rain didn’t stop us from making the most of our weekend.

On Saturday, a group of us went up to wine country to try a variety of wine from some of the local wineries and educated ourselves on the different varietals. Even though we couldn’t play any of the lawn games because of the weather, we still made the best of it. We shared cheese, crackers, wine and great conversation. Meanwhile in the South Bay, our members turned a flag football game into a successful day of mudball. The rain was coming down hard and our members were playing even harder. Wet and wild was definitely the theme of the day.

Then on Sunday, Raider, Chucky and Buster led our way through the rain. These were some of the horses that members got to ride at Garrod Farms as they enjoyed a trail ride. It was drizzling a bit but this did not stop us from taking in the beautiful landscapes. The trails allowed us to wander through vineyards and oak chaparral forests teeming with wildlife. In the South bay nothing was going to stop us from hiking through that redwood forest and enjoying nature and the company of our fellow members.

So next time you’re looking for things to do on a rainy day, let Events & Adventures create the kind of experience that you’ve always craved.

The Santa Clara Club Becomes Modern Day Cowboys at a Dude Ranch

The Santa Clara club spent a wild day in the west on the Events & Adventures Dude Ranch Adventure.  The day started as all 56 participants took a shot at learning how to rope under the tutelage of a roping expert. Members spun real lassos above their heads and then tried to use them to rope bull horns attached to the front of hay bales.

While the first group of members hit the trails on horseback, the remaining members participated in a haystack search. Each participant had 10 seconds to dig in a huge pile of hay and find the chocolate coins hidden inside. The first and second place winners won fantastic prizes!

When the second group of riders headed out, the tug-of-war began. The competition was fierce (and fun) as five teams struggled to yank each other across the field.  When the third group went on their ride, it was time for two-legged hilarity as the members participated in a two-legged race and went for the gold!

As the final group saddled up and went for the last horseback ride of the day, we got ready for a pie eating contest. After the three lucky participants were chosen at random to take part in the contest, it was on! The competition was tough, but one very messy winner was crowned!

The dude ranch we spent the day on was beautiful, and we got to feel like actual cowboys thanks to the attentive staff. Everyone got to try new things together and the experience helped us bond. The day ended with a country cook-out, barbecue, and great conversation on a beautiful sunny day. There isn’t anything better than being surrounded by nature and spending time with a great group of friends.

Events & Adventures San Francisco Offers Some Dating Tips

Dating today is different than it was for our parents’ generation. They lived in an era where just sitting down next to a stranger on the ferry could turn into a conversation that might one day lead to marriage and two kids. Our generation lives in a fast-paced world, so sitting down and having a conversation can be hard to manage. Here are a few dating tips for Events & Adventures members that will help make dating in the new millennium much easier.

In today’s world we tend to “play the game,” like arguing with ourselves for hours about when the right time to call back is. We’ve all been there—feeling like we’re at the mercy of someone else’s casual feelings. In a scenario like this, they probably weren’t very interested in making a connection with you at all. You’re left holding on, playing a mind game in hopes that if you just play your cards right they’ll see how ridiculously awesome you are and you’ll both end up happily ever after.  Do yourself a favor and stop playing games—unless that game is dodgeball or a board game with Events & Adventures!

We also make the mistake of looking for instant gratification. We’re all so busy we feel like we don’t have the time to put ourselves out there—after all, who knows how long it will be before you get a chance to see someone again, or how long it will take to figure out where to meet next time you do?  We worry that by the time we figure these things out the person will have lost interest or moved on.

Dating through social media only encourages this mentality; people on Tinder are used to swiping in one direction and finding someone they can hook up with in an instant.  When you date on the internet it’s not who you are, but how you look. Studies have even been done where fake dating profiles were created with objectively terrible personal biographies and pictures of attractive supermodels—and despite how disgusting these fake profiles sounded they still received dozens of messages a day.

Events & Adventures is the perfect way to break this habit; when you join us, all you have to do is show up. We take care of planning the events and finding great people; you focus on starting a conversation with a new friend while playing flag football or putting your brains together to solve the scavenger hunt.

Dating has become a sport. We date because we believe we’re supposed to date. Our schedules are so packed we fit in opportunities to date whenever we can, and often the caliber of the people we meet aren’t the quality of companionship we deserve. But Events & Adventures members have the chance to really connect with people, have rewarding experiences, and the opportunity to build a friendship and see where it leads. So as a reminder, here are some dating tips to help you really make a connection:

  • DO make Eye Contact (Put the phone away!)
  • DONT mistake kindness for attraction
  • DO be original, BE YOU, if they can’t like you for who you really are they are not worth it.
  • DONT think chivalry is dead (it’s not), remember small genuine gestures of kindness matter.

Events & Adventures allows you to be active, be yourself and to create new experiences while making friends. You never know when you might find that special connection.