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A Meetup in Vancouver

What To Expect From Events & Adventures

Wondering what an Events & Adventures meetup in Vancouver looks like? Dating is difficult enough on its own, so how do you know that you aren’t going to be wasting your time? Events & Adventures has been bringing single people together for over 30 years, and Vancouver has always been an exciting scene for singles with tons of things to do locally. It seemed like a natural spot to start a new Events & Adventures club.

The single members in each of our clubs are what give each city character. There are always new people to meet, new things to do, and a different dating perspective to find. When people relax and hang out as a group, connections form naturally, whether it is friendship or romance. Events & Adventures Vancouver hosts over 30 dynamic events every month, from local outings to weekend trips and everything in between. Whether you like sports, happy hours, morning yoga, or outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone. A meetup in Vancouver has excitement in store on any day of the week.

With COVID putting a damper on the dating scene, Events & Adventures was inspired to create virtual events for their single members as well. So, even if you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep up a social life. Unique virtual events like Cards Against Humanity Nights, Trivia Nights and many others became huge hits! We’ve decided to keep these events permanent, offering our single members the ability to join our group events from the comfort of home. This has been an amazing addition for Vancouver’s busier members who have little time to meet people around their work schedule.

To truly get an insider’s view on what a meetup in Vancouver looks like, we’ve spoken with Impreet, the Event Manager in Vancouver, for some insight on her club. The Event Manager plans all the fun and is one-on-one with the members on a daily basis. We did a quick Q&A with her to see what she had to say on Vancouver’s singles scene.

Q: What makes your city special?

A: Vancouver is special for many reasons, but the best part is how close we are to the mountains and the ocean. During some parts of the year, you can hit up the mountains in the morning for snowboarding, then go paddle-boarding in the afternoon. It’s an adventurous city filled with adventurous individuals. The members in Vancouver are awesome in so many ways. Our members are not afraid to take risks and are extremely supportive of the adventurous things you try! Afraid of heights, but want to try bungee jumping? Our members will be there cheering you on and being extremely supportive of it! It’s great to have an awesome group of friends to help you face your fears.

Q: If there was one word to describe what the single members in your group are like, what would it be and why?

A: Vancouver members are definitely friendly. All the members join the group for almost the same reasons—they are all here to make friends and potentially meet a life partner so everyone is really friendly and wants to get to know everyone who is a part of the club.

Q: What’s your personal favorite meetup in Vancouver?

A: I would say our White-Water Rafting & Camping trip we have every year. This trip is ALWAYS a blast and we always have over 40 members attend the weekend getaway! For something more local, I would say bowling. A lot of our members’ fun and competitive sides come out during bowling and we all always laugh it off together, which makes the experience so much more fun!

Q: What are the most popular events attended by the members?

A: Popular events are definitely the close weekend getaways. Whether we are heading to Harrison, houseboating, or Chilliwack for our rating and camping trip – those events always have huge numbers. For our in-town events, our pizza and games night always draws a large crowd. We have this event once a month and we end up staying at the venue for 2-3 hours playing board games!

Q: Have you witnessed love connections?

A: Absolutely. I’ve witnessed many love connections and it’s awesome to get to see two people come together because of our events. Many of the couples I have witnessed are still together, engaged, or married!

A meetup in Vancouver is a way for you to try something new, meet new people, and maybe find someone special. At the very least, you will have a blast. Being single, especially at this difficult time, does not mean you have to be alone. To give Events & Adventures Vancouver a shot, just fill out the form on our homepage to get started.