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I Love My Volleyball Family

Volleyball is a staple every week, and every week I go, I am reminded of why I love this event. Volleyball is not just a group of people playing… It’s not even members anymore, it’s a family. The Volleyball Crew has become such an intricate part of E&A. Each week you see eachother, and play together, it makes it easy to become friends and get to know each other really well. Most of the best friends I have made in the club are from volleyball! So many relationships have been formed with volleyball being the reason. We have even had a few weddings that developed from our volleyball events! The bond that has been created over the years has really made this event was it is today. Lot’s of people, lots of fun, and lots of love. It’s true… I love my volleyball family.

The Broadway Show Book of Mormon!

book of morman

Wow. What a performance! About 6 months ago, I purchased tickets to the Broadway show Book of Mormon. For those of you who don’t know much about Broadway, this is the number one show right now. Tickets were sold out within minutes & going on Stubhub for $500-$2000! I was able to purchase tickets early and for a discounted rate! So, I bought 60! With a sold out show, and the rave reviews, I knew this was going to be a great event! We had a huge group of members there, all dressed up for the theater! We had great seats in the Mezzanine & enjoyed a wonderful show! We all were cracking up through the “Hello” song & left the theater in high spirits. Afterwards, a group of us went for a drink at a nearby pub. It was a lot of fun watching the performance and seeing a couple jaw drops from others who were surprised at how far they took some of the jokes. Overall it was a wonderful experience. My favorite part would probably have to be the number of people we ran into afterwards who commented how lucky we were to get tickets. It really made me realize what a treat to be able to bring 60 members to a show that no one else could get tickets to!

Julie Event Manager Santa Clara

Making New Friends!

Santa Clara friends

E&A has definitely been a great time in my life. I have met some really awesome friends that I am so thankful for. For Thanksgiving, I spent the weekend not working at all (which is probably a first, and really only because I didn’t have any cell service or wifi). Instead, I was tucked away in a friends cabin near Pinecrest. It was a small group of 4, but we have all become extremely close. We met through E&A and have been close friends over the last 4 years. Charles & Stacy have always been dear to me (I even preformed their wedding ceremony), and this last weekend really helped me remember the great relationships that E&A creates. The fact that we all were brought together again and spent Thanksgiving weekend in their cabin was something that you can’t do with just anyone. You have to truly like the people! We drank wine, we ate TONS, watched movies, talked, and played Cards Against Humanity. Thanksgiving was special this year because of the friends I made through E&A.

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Tamale making is a tradition in Mexican culture. During the holiday season, large groups of families and friends get together to mix the masa, wrap the tamales with their favorite fillings, and then steam them… All the while sharing the work, food, and laughs. What a great tradition.
This year I decided to bring that tradition to my E&A family. We got together on Sunday and made over 100 tamales! Lisa opened her home while we cooked, ate tons of delicious foods, and spend the day laughing and enjoying eachothers company. It was so much fun watching George attempt at mixing the masa, having TJ teach the group how to spread the masa on the corn husks, and sharing our hard earned tamales. Everyone was able to bring home a tub to eat & share with family and friends over the holidays. I love traditions.

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More & More New Members!

 The new members icebreaker was a blast. It was great meeting so many new people! We learned lots about each other by throwing the ice breaker ball around… Everyone found out about George’s giant family, 12 brothers & sisters! Great tips were given to all the newbies from our amazing host Robert. And afterwards we all went bowling and hung out with members old & new. It was a fun night had by all!

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Getting lost never seems like a good idea.

 Unless, of course, it’s in a corn maze. The fun part though it getting lost with 30 other people! What a fun night that was! Our group headed in to the maze with the expectation of taking about 1.5 hours to finish it… Apparently though, we are rockstars because we finished it within 45 minutes! Following the clues, our group didn’t make one wrong turn! (Ok, we might have and just didn’t notice it) But really we had a great time running through the corn and following clues. When we reached the end, we were having such a good time that we decided to turn around & find how far back we could go! Our group re-entered the maze and went all the way back until we couldn’t go back any further. What a fun Halloween treat!

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Donation Bowling for Loaves & Fishes

 We did it! I have been working with Loaves & Fishes to have a food drive and we successfully helped fill their cabinets for the holidays! Donation Bowling was great. We had everyone bring something to donate for a discounted bowling rate. We filled two giant containers & had a good time doing it! Berret & David worked hard to teach me how to curve my ball when bowling  (I am a terrible bowler) and I successfully started getting the hang of it! About halfway through, Cupid Shuffle came on… This was the best part of the evening. Our entire group got up & danced in the lanes! Even those who didn’t know the dance learned it to participate! What a sight we must have been to the other bowlers. HA! It was such a fun night.

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Being “Stealthy” playing Laser Tag!

Laser Tag is one of my favorite events. Running around in the dark arena, trying to be “stealthy”. It can be so much fun! It’s funny because every time I play, I think I am a ninja… and then I see my score…. And I’m not as good as I thought I was. E&A went to a new laser tag location last week & it was a blast. Angela & I teamed up to cover each other’s backs while we tried to protect our home base. I feel I may have let her down though, I got caught up in a laser war with Nadia & totally forgot to protect Angela! We lost that game but got another chance!

The highlight of the evening for me was the laser maze! This was really where I felt like James Bond. It’s a room full of lasers that you have to navigate without touching any of them. I was nervous because I got so into mood! I seriously felt that if I touched the laser it would be the end of me! Ritu busted out her yoga skills and rocked it! She put the level on extreme & finished quickly and only touched 1 laser. Then new member Berret (it was his first event) came & bunny hopped over the most difficult part! He did it without touching any laser & getting through it the fastest! What a rockstar! It was one seriously good night!

Julie Event Manager Santa Clara