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Events & Adventures members at sporting events like the San Jose Earthquakes!

Sporting Events with Events & Adventures

Sporting Events are uber-popular with our members!

Sporting events are a hot commodity with Events &Adventures in the Bay Area.  Whether it’s football, baseball, hockey, or soccer, we love to attend them all!  Last weekend, the Santa Clara and the San Francisco clubs attended a soccer game at the new Avaya Stadium in San Jose.  This new sporting arena is home to the largest outdoor stadium bar in the country, and is also known for its “edible garden”, which carries an assortment of apricot, plum, and cherry trees.

This evening’s weather was perfect and the conversation was plentiful.  We all enjoyed the first half of the game from the bar which was located about ten yards from the field.  Once we had our fill of food and drinks, we ventured over to our seats to watch the second half of the game.  The crowd’s energy was contagious and we all joined in to cheer on the San Jose Earthquakes.  After the game came to an end, many of us decided to keep the party going and ventured off to downtown San Jose for some drinks and dancing.

Like most weekend events, it was a night to remember.  Many members wrote a great review about the experience and shared their desire to return to the stadium to watch another soccer game.  No matter what the occasion, Events & Adventures does its best to cultivate an environment that’s light-hearted and fun for everyone in attendance.  You don’t want to miss out on our other upcoming sporting events!

e&a wine tasting and grape stomping

Wine Tasting with Events & Adventures

Wine Tasting with the singles from Events & Adventures is just minutes away.

Just a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge is the world famous wine country of Northern California, which includes over 500 different wineries.  Napa and Sonoma are only a short drive away, and it’s now harvest season, the time of year when all the vines are filled with grapes and you can smell the wine fermenting in the air.  What better time to pay a visit for some wine tasting!  But this year, instead of spending a weekend just wine tasting, Events & Adventures got down and dirty by actually making some wine the old-fashioned way—stomping some grapes!  Several Napa Valley wineries offer experiences to truly write home about, including mushing the grapes with your feet Lucy and Ethyl-style.

Events & Adventures members got to stomp grapes, taste wine, and take home a t-shirt with their grape feet imprint. So how do you Grape Stomp, you’re wondering?  Well, for all of you looking to Grape Stomp before the end of the season here are five things you need to know.

  1. Plan Your Outfit Accordingly

Don’t let anything get in the way of winning, including your clothes!  The main event of a grape stomp involves trying to mash out as much juice as possible with your feet.  This process can be quite messy, and you’ll end up with sticky grape juice all over your legs.  Resist the urge to wear your cutest maxi dress or a new pair of pants and stick with something that you’re comfortable getting messy.

  1. Get Creative with Your Clothing

Speaking of outfits, plan your group’s costumes ahead of time, as most grape stomp events give prizes to the best and most creative costumes.  Team apparel can range from matching t-shirts to full-blown costumes, and creativity always counts!

  1. Stay Hydrated

This may be our most important tip of all! The majority of grape stomp events take place outside in August and September, when temperatures in Napa Valley often exceed 90 degrees. Grape stomps are usually held at a winery, and there is often plenty of wine available for tasting as well. So drink up!

  1. Bring Your Camera

This is an event that you’re going to want to document, so bring your camera (or cell phone) with you! Some favorite shots from previous events include pre and post-stomping photos, group costume shots and, of course, action shots during the stomping.

  1. Have Fun!

Diving into a barrel of grapes and making a mess with your feet isn’t something you get to do every day, so make the most of it! Get messy, stomp as fast as you can and don’t forget to have fun.

Events & Adventures in the Bay Area makes it easy to find fun new things to do, like grape-stomping!  If you don’t feel like you’re experiencing to the fullest, give us a holler and find out why hundreds of other singles join us for great events like wine tasting every single week.

world travel to spain

World Travel with Events & Adventures

The only way to sum it up our visit to Spain is to say that Events & Adventures really does world travel well.  This wasn’t a trip where we were on a clock throughout the experience; there was a great mixture of planned tours and free time.  We started our adventure at JFK in New York, getting some quick introductions to the over 40 people who were taking part in the trip.  And believe it or not, someone was sweet enough to bring everyone homemade cookies!

world travel to spain

Events & Adventures members from around the US and Canada visited Spain!

After landing in Madrid, we got to stretch our legs with a quick tour of some of the city’s most famous sights, before taking a break to enjoy a welcome lunch that offered a staggering amount of delicious traditional Spanish cuisine.  Our first full day started with a tour for the presidential palace, which was spectacular.  We then journeyed to the ancient city of Toledo, which is thousands of years old, and got the chance to get lost in the labyrinth of tiny streets that wind around the historic town.  Dinner was a casual five-course party with several small plates (tapas) before our entrees. We learned the hard way we would have to pace ourselves with the food here because they just keep bringing it out!

We headed to towns ancient towns of Avila and Segovia. The Roman aqueducts are still soaring over the town.  How can the residents just go on about their day when they have such spectacular history all around them?!   After we returned to Madrid we refreshed ourselves and headed out to a popular bar area for a Tapas crawl.  The bars here are more like pubs, not clubs—because those open way later.  Each bar we tried different luscious small dishes, and we loved how everyone shares!

We packed up from Madrid and headed to Bunol, where the residents were preparing for the Tomatina Festival the very next day.  It was such a cute little town. We spent our afternoon and evening touring and eating in this historical city by the sea.  The next morning was the beginning of the adventure that is the world famous Tomatina Festival—probably the world’s largest annual food fight.  Security was tight.  To make sure no one got hit with anything other than tomatoes we couldn’t bring anything in.  Twenty thousand people packed the long narrow streets before the dump trucks just started unloading as they drove down the street, and at the starting pistol—it was pure madness.  Goggles were the best idea ever—as long as you kept them on!  It was so exciting, and everyone was there for the fun of it, not to kill other with these little red bombs.  As much as we laughed, it was best to keep your mouth closed though!  After the ending pistol the fire department and locals brought out hoses to wash everyone off.  There is nothing like experiencing world travel by being involved in the local culture.  Getting smashed tomatoes out of hair proved to be the most challenging part of the whole trip.  Even playing in the warm and relaxing Mediterranean Sea didn’t get it out.

world travel to spain

Barcelona was the final hotel location for our world travel to Spain.

We took a tour of what is probably one of the biggest promenades you’ll ever see, and thousands of people were out for an evening stroll.  The shopping, food, bars, and views of the Gothic neighborhood were everything you’d expect it to be.  Small lanes that are no wider than one car have little bars and restaurants around each turn, with people spilling out into the lanes.

It wasn’t long before we got to witness La Sagrada Familia, one of the most incredible cathedrals in the world—and they are still building it!  Every tiny detail has a meaning, and the colors the stained glass creates and projects into the building are breathtaking.  Designed by several architects, the most influential being Gaudi, it has different styles in throughout the construction.  Afterwards, we had an amazing tour of Park Guell.  It was the original planned neighborhood.  At the time it was too far out of town and too expensive but for a handful of the super elite. Gaudi’s influence could be felt everywhere we went, and he managed to translate beauty even in the unusual, as everything he produced appeared to be curved and wavy.  His mosaics were everywhere and they were beautiful, even the monochromatic ones.  World travel can expose you to so many wonderful things you might have otherwise never seen.

Monserrat Benedictine monastery is a historical and religious jewel. Hidden up, up, way up in the mountains, disguised by the hills, how’d they build this gorgeous place?  There are still monks there and a school for boys!  So after our tram trip to the ‘top’ of the mountain (there’s a small chapel and alter up even higher if your legs can get you there), we went to the coolest place ever for another never-ending lunch—a traditional hacienda (ranch house) that was turned into a restaurant.  We learned the traditional Spanish way to drink wine and had never ending courses of family-style food (again).  People were stuffed before they brought out the chicken, traditional sausage (which tasted like Texas BBQ!), and meats.  We HAD to get to the winery so dessert was taken to go—Biscotti-like biscuits and fresh fruit!

Speaking of wine….  We had a tour of the most amazing winery I’ve ever seen, and I live in Northern California.  This was not a regular winery; it was a huge commercial business that makes great wine.  It was simply amazing.  The tram we rode had headset options for six languages, though we didn’t use them since it was a private tour.  Stories of the wineries founding and growth were projected on walls that lifted up so we could see the barrel storage.  We got to walk down the original storage cellars below ground. They told and showed us how they produce spectacular “healthy” wines that don’t harm the environment.  Using solar power the facility is almost entirely self-sustained!  Everyone was impressed before we even started the tasting and got to try four different delicious wines.  I imagine the wine drinkers were ready to move in.

Our last day of this world travel tour was spent visiting the ancient cities of Figueras and Girona.  Girona is a medieval city with narrow streets, castles and ramparts.  Figueras is another historical city that is such for a different reason—Salvador Dali.  The museum made of his birthplace was a trip in the madness of a truly brilliant artist.  The amount of art in so many different mediums was staggering.  Our farewell dinner was a little different since it was in the Catalonian style.  Less meat, meat, meat, more little flourishes on the dishes, but still way too much food.

The trip and tours were truly awesome, but getting to see people from the other E&A Clubs was like gathering of old friends while making new ones.  There were so many people I wanted to spend more time with but the time slipped away so fast. We’ll stay friends through social media until we meet again on our next world travel trip, maybe even on an in-between trip to visit friends!  We talked about the Amazon trip next month and Cuba and China trips already scheduled for next year.  I can’t wait to join my Events & Adventures world travel friends in our next exotic destination.

world travel to spain

Night Kayaking

Night Kayaking with Events & Adventures

Night Kayaking Under a Full Moon – Extraordinary Excitement with Events & Adventures

Night kayaking is not something many people have experienced, but everyone with a love for the outdoors definitely should!  While kayaking has been featured as a competitive sport in the Summer Olympic Games since 1936, night kayaking is a new twist on an old favorite. So in the Spirit of Rio, Events & Adventures members in the Bay Area grabbed paddles and took on the Bay under moonlight for a kayak venture unlike any other.

Our members were dazzled by the serene and beautiful surroundings of the Bay, with both the moon and city light playing off the water.  “This is the most incredible trip you can do in the Bay Area at night! As you paddle along the San Francisco waterfront, you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful city lights,” said Monica, one our great San Francisco members.  “It really adds to the ambiance as the sun sets and the moon rises.”

It was a magical experience as the full moon lit up the water and we could see animals swimming underneath our kayaks!  Seeing these animals made us feel like we were really connected with our environment and experience.  On nights of a full moon, time seems to stand still as it casts a mystical glow on the water.  Our kayaks coasted across the Bay, following the arc of the rising moon while we laughed and tried to keep our balance so no one fell in.

Events & Adventures gave our members the opportunity to be adventurous on a Friday night, instead of heading to a bar or restaurant they bonded with members and worked together to create a memorable experience.  There are many more of these experiences coming up; in a way, Events & Adventures turns the extraordinary into the ordinary!

Ways to Spend Holidays in Santa Clara

Why spend holidays alone when you’re guaranteed to have a great time with wonderful people as a member of Events & Adventures? Some of the biggest Events & Adventures holiday bashes happen on Halloween, New Years, Memorial Day and of course, the 4th of July. This year the San Francisco and Santa Clara Clubs combined their efforts to create a series of events that offered something for everybody in the during the long holiday weekend.

The San Francisco events manager created an event called “Floatopia” to give our members a unique way to spend the holiday. At this event, members floated down the Russian River in inner tubes and afterwards we continued the celebration with drinks at a brewery. Then on the evening of the 4th, San Francisco put a catamaran trip on the calendar so that members could enjoy the spectacular San Francesco fireworks show from a front row seat on the Bay.

In between these events we offered the members a classic All-American 4th of July BBQ with hot dogs, hamburgers, and a friendly softball game that ended with an epic water fight! While a good portion of our members were there to play, our games are so much fun some members showed up just to watch and cheer from the sidelines. The skill level of members varied. There were some members who played weekly in their own leagues and then members who didn’t even know the rules of the game. One of our members actually moved to the United States from England very recently and had never played baseball in his life.

One member was so unfamiliar with the sport that he ran all the way to first base with the bat in his hands; another member hit a home run nearly every time he was at bat.  Someone even played in flip-flops and still managed to run like the wind to first base. But the members on the sideline cheered regardless of the skill level exhibited. Proving, once again that Events & Adventures is truly about making sure that everyone has a good time.

Once the game was done everyone headed back to our reserved picnic area that was all decked out in festive reds, whites and blues. Everyone mingled and relaxed while we fired up the barbeque. We ended the night with a water balloon fight where we all got to let out our inner children. With 200 water balloons and more than a dozen water guns supplied by Events & Adventures, we waged a war for the history books! So if you want unique ways to spend holidays and a chance to meet great new people, reach out to Events & Adventures, the staff and members are happy to tell you all about their experiences.

Join Events & Adventures for Things to do in Silicon Valley

As a single person in the Silicon Valley, you know you have to work hard. But what do you do after your work day is done? Watch TV? Go to a bar? Go on another shot-in-the-dark date with someone that you met online? Well, here’s what singles in Silicon Valley who are Events & Adventures members do in their spare time.

We laugh.

This summer we attended a hysterical murder mystery dinner and two fun escape rooms. We have an evening at ComedySportz, a pool party at Raging Waters at our own private cabana and a sleepover at the Monterey Bay Aquarium coming up this summer, so there are still plenty more laughs to be had.

We are entertained.

We watched a marvelous production of the play Chicago, had tailgate parties before soccer games and went to a Pitbull concert.

We hike.

Our hikes have taken us to see the seals at Anu Nuevo, a winery in the hills and through the grand estate grounds of Filoli.

We sing.

Our members have taken center stage at Dueling Pianos shows and many of us share a passion for music and karaoke, which is always even more fun when you’re with Events & Adventures.

We learned.

We took classes on how to make sushi and ravioli from scratch. We learned a new sport called Jingafit, took an introductory scuba lesson, made gorgeous aromatic candles and we’re even going to take a human figure drawing class!

We mingle.

Nothing’s more relaxing than hanging with a dozen wonderful friends at some of the best and most unique lounges, sports bars and restaurants in the area.

We play.

We play sand volleyball, disc golf, flag football, glow-in-the-dark soccer and softball. And this summer we’re looking forward to an inner tube water polo tourney, trampoline dodgeball and indoor skydiving.

If this kind of lifestyle is what you’re looking for, join Events & Adventures in the Bay Area and you’ll be living a life you love in no time.

Meet New People in Northern California

One of the most exciting things about Events & Adventures is that you never know who you’ll meet at an event. Sometimes you’ll go to an event that mostly men have signed up for, other times there might be more women attending, and often it will seem like a pretty even split of genders.

Events & Adventures has a diverse member base. Our members range from 21 years of age to those who are several decades older. One of the best things about being a part of the club is getting to meet a wide array of interesting people, of all races, religions and ages.  However, sometimes it’s nice to know that you will be going to an event that is geared specifically for those in your particular age group. That’s why we hold Young Professionals and Premier Club events.

Events for young professionals are geared toward those members who are under the age of 40, and Premier Club events are geared toward those who are 40 and older. However, the northern California clubs allow all members to attend either event. We want our members to use the event as an opportunity to get to bond with members in a particular age group. We want it to be known that all members are welcome to attend PC or YP events.

In the last few months, Young Professional events have included a casino night at an upscale lounge, dancing at a luxury nightspot, a wild evening playing Cards Against Humanity in a V.I.P. area in a trendy bar, and an evening trying mini foot golf, followed by a get-together at a gourmet burger bar.

Premier Club members have enjoyed wine tasting on a private patio while a live blues band played in the background and a soiree at a swanky hotel with live jazz. In May, PC members savored delicious BBQ with smokin’ hot live music and a unique event which consisted of an olive oil tasting class combined with a wine mingle.

In Santa Clara, we often hold our Premier Club Events on the same night as our Young Professional events, members often attend both events. At Events & Adventures in northern California we always believe the more, the merrier.  We find that the members who have the best time at events are those that open themselves up to new experiences and to new people, regardless of their age.

Events & Adventures San Francisco has a Week of Outdoor Activities

Hiking! Mingling! Zipping! It was another epic week of outdoor activities with the Events & Adventure Bay Area club.  We started off the week by strolling through the rolling green lawns and colorful, showy blooms that highlighted the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.   San Jose’s Municipal Rose Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, drawing thousands of visitors each year. Hardly a day passes when some species is not in full bloom, which isn’t surprising when more than 3,500 plantings and 189 varieties featured.

We visited many of the garden’s original features – including the reflection pool in the center of the structural entrance, the ornate garden vases and the famous rose garden’s two-tiered water fountain.  After our walk through the rose garden, we traveled a few blocks away and ended the evening with a mingling session at the Normandy House.  This week we also went on a docent-guided nature hike through the estate’s nature preserve. It surrounds one of the finest country estates of the early 20th century, Filoli Mansion.

Our outdoor activities continued with a hike in the woodlands at dusk, the ideal time of day to spot Filoli’s resident wildlife. We came within feet of deer and marveled at the beauty of the flora and fauna at the Filoli pond. Our guide taught us about the plants in the area. We learned which ones were edible, poisonous and used those used for a variety of fascinating purposes. What an amazing way to spend a weekday evening!

The highlights of the week came on Saturday when 16 of our members went zip-lining through the grand sequoias of Mount Herman. The two-hour guided eco-adventure included six zip lines and two sky bridges that our members had to traverse at heights of up to 150 feet. Along the way, two certified guides shared ecological knowledge and stories that brought the forest to life.

Another eight brave members chose to participate in the Sequoia Adventure Tour. Those members experienced an exhilarating adventure while exploring the redwood forest. Members pushed themselves to conquer multiple activities, including swinging logs, cargo nets, and cables set 30 to 80 feet in the air! Three self-guided courses of varying levels of difficulty allowed everyone to be challenged at their own pace.  One of the best aspects of being a member of Events & Adventures is that we get to choose own pace and the kinds of adventures we want to experience!

Events & Adventures Santa Clara Gives us an Inside Look

We sat down with one of our event managers and she gave us a little insight on what it’s like to work for Events & Adventures. People always ask her if she likes her job and her answer is always the same, “It’s the best job I’ve ever had in my life!”  She loves the creativity of putting together great experiences that pique the interests of our very diverse member base. Some of our members are thrill-seekers; they love the skydiving, hang gliding, zip lining and rock climbing type of events. Others enjoy more casual and artistic activities, so she’s always on the lookout for great theatre performances and fantastic museum venues.

She says we also have many members who like anything – as long as it’s athletic! Sand volleyball, trampoline dodgeball, flag football and disc golf are just a few of the events that we plan and that they flock to. One of her most popular activities is hiking. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hike on the beach or through the redwoods, or a hike just to watch the sunset – the combination of good exercise and good friends always makes the day special.

She often even puts together “interactive” events for her members. The Santa Clara club had an Amazing Race where the members solved clues, traveled using three different methods of transportation and had to perform crazy tasks as they raced through the streets of Mountain View. We had a dude ranch adventure which included horseback riding, roping lessons, and a truly hysterical pie-eating contest. Scavenger hunts are also always a member favorite, especially when each destination is determined by a clue or a puzzle that needs to be solved as a team.

Sometimes we just meet and have a beer while we play board games, or watch a sporting event and mingle. Other times we play trivia games at a venue and laugh ourselves silly. And sometimes we just go to an unusual restaurant together and enjoy the simple pleasure of each other’s company.  Our event managers love sitting up at night coming up with ideas! Whale watching, escape rooms, kayaking, a caricature drawing class, fencing, aerial yoga, the list goes on.  Their minds can never seem to shut off the faucet of ideas that keep popping into their brains!  As a member of Events & Adventures, you’ll see and experience this for yourself!

Santa Clara Members Meet Exciting New People Everyday

Every once in a while Events & Adventures Santa Clara will have an ice breaker meeting to bring new members into the fold.  It’s no surprise that since our club is based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, a member will often introduce themselves as an engineer of one ilk or another. Of course, we do have members that are teachers and doctors and plumbers and every other profession under the sun, but a large number of our members come from tech fields.  So, when member Bernard Weston said that he was a painter we were all instantly intrigued. Some of us went home and Googled his name.  Darned if he wasn’t just ANY painter, he was a nationally recognized artist!

Bernard Weston (Bernie) is an Asian-influenced California painter, who draws on his personal engagement with Chinese and Japanese art history, theory and philosophy, to create paintings of the sublime. The goal for a painter like Weston is not just to produce amazing art, but to do so in conjunction with studied processes of mental, spiritual, and physical Zen such as practice and preparedness. Bernie’s paintings exemplify the phrase “East meets West”, utilizing innovative, avant-garde materials while being grounded the tradition of meditative art-making.

This week, the spectacular Simone Beckett Gallery in Los Gatos opened its doors for us to be able to view Bernie’s work during private Events & Adventures only event.  The gallery set up a table in their courtyard for our members to bring bottles of wine to share and enjoy while they perused the gallery. Bernie took the time to explain his techniques to our members as they looked on in awe at all the beautiful works created by the hand of our very own resident artist.  The evening was as memorable as it was magical and unique. A nationally renowned artist? With Events & Adventures you are guaranteed to meet new people who are unique and exciting virtually every day.