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I Knew It Was Going To Be A Great Party When……..

I knew it was going to be a great party when the passersby started coming in to look at the decorations.  Mind you, this wasn’t at the start of the party but in broad daylight, before we were even ready.  It was mostly adults, but sometimes kids who recognized the special tree doors from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“Wow!  Those look great!” was followed by “What’s going on here tonight?”  There was more than one person who wanted to come to the party and then, I think, wished they were in E&A so they could be part of the party.  

With the exception of a few devout fans of the film and the two hosts who dressed as Sally and Jack, most didn’t dress up with the theme.  It didn’t matter much though as there were mobsters, raver vikings, a Double Dare group (complete with dare “tasks” for the party), and group favorites, the “Bounty Hunters” from the tv show and an almost perfect likeness of Peggy Bundy from “Married with Children.”

There was great food, great drinks (with fun, friendly bartenders), and the DJ played everything from “Monster Mash” to house mixes of popular tunes.  I don’t think the dance floor was ever empty.  1:00 arrived and although it was difficult to get people to leave, some special things happened.  Part of what makes E&A so great is that the members felt some ownership and special part of this fun party, and they responded in kind by lending a hand by helping clean and take down decorations.  We left exhausted and with smiles on our faces.  Well, everyone except the bar owner who begged us to keep our decorations up through Halloween.

Bryan Event Manager San Francisco

Getting Lost turned out Great!

 I didn’t realize that getting lost was the best thing that could have happened.  The beautiful hike in Sunol was carefully planned and the route clear to me.  I was ready to give our members a fun new workout; a steeper and more challenging hike than the last few, but not impossible either.  Then, about 15 minutes of the hike walking the bridge over the rolling river and enjoying the shade, I had to make a choice.  The trail markers were no help at all and the wide path here looked like a tractor could ride on it.  I went left and soon I realize that my intermediate, challenging hike was turning into an easy stroll.  I let it go and made a quick plan, head to the river and then back around the hill.  Not only did we discover some of the most peaceful and beautiful places in the park, but, after carefully avoiding the cows grazing and protecting their calves, we made a fast march up the mountain to get a better view.  Once back, I knew I made the “right” choice when everyone smiled and said that the hike was the perfect exercise; challenging, but not impossible.  I think I’ll make the wrong turn more often.

Bryan Event Manager San Francisco

Tib Loop Bike Ride San Francisco

It was my first bike ride with the E&A crew and I didn’t know what to expect.  Would this ride be too easy for the group?  Too difficult?  I gave them the option of taking the traditional route which means a 2 mile uphill climb on El Camino Real near the start of the ride.  Not a single person looked worried.  In fact, everyone was excited.  Everybody mastered the hill, even the brave soul who took her mountain bike.  After some water, deep breaths, and a little stretching at the top we sped down the winding decent.  Then it was off to Tiburon (thus the name Tib loop) and incredible views of the bay and San Francisco.  My worry melted into smiles and pride as the excellent riders came up to me and said, “This could be the most beautiful ride I have ever taken.”  Now I can’t wait to do the next ride.  

Bryan Event Manager San Francisco

Mini Golf Fun San Francisco!

I didn’t expect I would be laughing so much and fearing being hit by a small ball at the same time. I mean it was mini golf after all. What could possibly cause such reactions? It wasn’t the different holes that recreated iconic Bay Area sights, from Lombard Street to the Winchester Mystery House, nor even the fact that many holes needed a bit retouching so that it didn’t take 500 strokes to get past the tee off marker. It was the fun and interesting group of E&Aers that made it so fun ! Ken the expert golfer could be counted on to make a hole-in-one while I think we all ran for cover whenever it was Catherine’s turn to putt. Best of all, no matter how many strokes it took to complete the crossing of the Golden Gate or the skateboard park, there was much laughter and smiles all around. If I had even the slightest worry about playing mini golf, it was replaced with smiles and fun by the 2nd hole. 

Bryan Event Manager San Francisco

​Madrigal Vineyards Grape Stomp was a perfect day.

Although I had never been there despite my many trips tasting in Napa Valley, I was repeatedly surprised by the party, wines, and, best of all, great E&A group at the event.  With our gold wristbands firmly fastened, we were given large wine glasses and told to roam the property.  Want to enter the barrel room?  Go ahead, and we’ll even have the winemaker meet you there to try barrel samples.  We wiped the delicious grape juice from our chins and roamed out for some lunch.  What a great spread, salads, Cuban sandwiches, and two types of tamales.  Oh, and even more wine to sample.  The salsa band started to play, and under the shade of the little grove we ate gourmet food, listened to great music and just soaked in the wonderful weather.  

Then the competition began.  Take off your shoes and socks, step into a barrel and you get 60 seconds to crush as many grapes as you can.  The person with the most volume of juice wins.  I didn’t realize grape stomping is a lot like dancing; everyone has their own method and rhythm.  Super Stomper Richard from E&A even won 2nd place and a bottle of wine!  Even better, Elizabeth grabbed Richard and turn the vineyard into a Salsa dancing machine.  The band was so thrilled that they gave her a recording of their music.  

Wine, food, perfect weather, an idyllic scene, uncontrollable smiles, and wonderful diverse E&A company.  A perfect  day in wine county.

Hayes Valley Pub Crawl

I’ll admit I worried a little during the day of the Hayes Valley Pub Crawl last week.  I created this event and I know Hayes Valley so well, but, what if it didn’t work and no one had fun?  Why did I worry?  Not only was there a great group of people but everyplace we went was different and friendly.  After our second stop we ran into a taping of a short film in Octavia park.  That led us to the Noir Lounge with great seating, tasty food, and even a screening of “Some Like It Hot” in the back room.  I thought we weren’t going to leave!  It felt good to see satisfied but tired faces by the time we reached our final destination, Sugar lounge.  It was a great night out.

Bryan- S.F. Event Manager