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Phoenix Has Enough Adventure to Last a Lifetime in One Weekend

Events & Adventures Phoenix had an amazing time white water rafting this weekend.  We spent two nights in the Salt River Canyon town of Claypool.  At night, the still operating copper mines outside of town lights up when all the third shift workers head to work and it’s an amazing sight to see.  The town is a historic area and has been mined since the 1860’s. We had an amazing night there and enjoyed a great dinner, great drinks and even better company.

The next day brought even more adventure as we headed to the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation and the Upper Salt River for our annual White Water Rafting trip. The class three rapids were a little intimidating, and a few members actually even fell out of their boats—but everyone was glad that they did it because it was just another part of an adventure of a lifetime.  We spent the rest of the day on an adrenaline high while we swapped stories from our time on the river over drinks, homemade lasagna and card games.  When you can have weekends like this why would you ever spend your days off any other way?

We plan on going on another white water rafting trip in June in case you missed this one, and this time we’ll be taking on the Grand Canyon. We’re going to head to Vegas for a three day trip full of camping, rafting, helicopter rides, and some of the cleanest air in the nation.  Weekend getaways with Events & Adventures are never anything but amazing. Spend your next weekend with us.

Life Changing Experiences and Great Friends with Events & Adventures Phoenix

An everyday challenge could change your life.  Whether it’s a challenge that arises at work, with your family, or from within yourself, every one of these moments could be something that changes your life for the better or worse.  At Events & Adventures, we are in the business of changing people’s lives for the better!  Our club offers you the chance to have many unique experiences that you would usually never get the opportunity to have.  One of the most rewarding experiences we offer our members is a chance to meet their best friend.

Here are the 5 best ways we make that happen:

  1. Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine and sharing laughter is a great way to get to know someone.  Whether a moment like that comes from a free comedy show shared with someone you just met, making a fool of yourself to play the part you’re assigned at a murder mystery dinner, or sharing stories around a campfire, laughter is abundant and generously shared at Events & Adventures.

  1. Sharing an adventure

Nothing gets conversation and connections going more than sharing a life changing experience.  For many members of our club, skydiving, white water rafting, eating an exotic food, or taking a walk through an underground lava tube are not things they would ever do on their own.  Our club creates an atmosphere that makes it easier to take that chance and go on that adventure—because you’ll have a great group of people beside you, going on that adventure with you.

  1. Creating something together

Getting the creative juices flowing brings out less seen sides of people.  It opens your mind to new ideas and livens up how you are perceived by others. Events & Adventures likes to create, and how we do it varies. Sometimes it could be in the form of a cooking class and learning to make a decadent soufflé, or working together to complete a relay challenge to create a goal and reach it as a group.  Creating and completing a task can be a great way to find that instant connection in a friend or partner.

  1. Giving Back

Giving back to the community is something Events & Adventures takes very seriously.  We love to partner up with local charities and help out the people around us.  Giving back in the form of community outreach can give you a sense of compassion that no other act can give.  Sharing this feeling with others can make it easier to open up and gives you the opportunity to be comfortably vulnerable with others, something that would otherwise not be available in the beginning of friendships.

  1. Traveling Abroad

International travel can be exciting, exhausting, scary, thrilling, tiring, breathtaking, and moving—all at once.  Emotions can run wild and you may experience feelings you never have before.  Events & Adventures gives you the opportunity to go to those exotic places you’ve always wanted to go, without the headache of planning or the nerves of facing an unknown culture alone.  When you’re sharing the experience of riding an elephant, swatting off giant mosquitoes, or seeing one of the seven wonders with your very own eyes, it’s hard not to connect with someone.  Something so life changing can only be shared with those you are with at that very moment.  Joining Events & Adventures is your ticket to meeting your new best friend. And who knows, that best friend could one day become your partner for life.

Live Your Bucket List With Events & Adventures Phoenix

What’s on your bucket list? Skydiving? A trip to Peru?  How about visiting Australia, the Amazon, Cuba or Ireland? Maybe even river rafting at the Grand Canyon or facing your fear of heights on a zipline? Events & Adventures has done all of this, and a lot more. We have a “bucket list-worthy” activity every month. In fact, this month alone our club is going skydiving, white water rafting, horseback riding, whale watching and visiting Ireland, with trips to Spain and the Grand Canyon coming up later this year!

Every person should have the adrenaline-filled adventure of jumping and falling gracefully from a perfectly good airplane, taking a kayak into the river and feeling the sheer force of the elements at its finest, or flying high above the ground on a zipline.  But don’t worry, if an adrenaline rush isn’t your thing we can find another kind of adventure that’s more your speed. For example, maybe a trip to Ireland where you and 30 of your new friends will explore the Irish country-side and partake in local St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? And then later this year we will tour the old world historic cities of Spain and take a peek into the frozen in time island of Cuba!  We also plan to take a boat up the Amazon River and witness the wonders of the untouched civilizations of the rainforest.

Once you’ve checked off everything on your current bucket list alongside Events & Adventures you’ll have time to create a new one.  With Events & Adventures you have the opportunity to have experiences you never thought possible for yourself, adventures that are more thrilling and exciting than you could possibly have dreamed.  This all happens while you are making new friends both in your city and around the world.  So whether you are an adrenaline junkie, or a quiet explorer, Events & Adventures can be your ticket to the life and experiences you’ve always wanted.

Have a Busy and Exciting Weekend without any Planning

For so many of us weekends come and go way too quickly.  Before you even have time to plan what you’ll be doing Friday night, the alarm clock is going off and signaling the start of Monday morning. But that hasn’t been a problem for our club members since they joined Events & Adventures.

This last weekend we had tons of plans scheduled, with no thought needed on the members’ side—all we had to do was show up and have a good time. Our Friday night was a late one with bingo after dark. The casino where we spent the night created a bingo-meets-night-club atmosphere for entertainment.  It sounds crazy but we were actually playing bingo while also hitting the dancefloorCould you keep up with the numbers while a dance party grooves all around you?

On Saturday morning we spent a beautiful day in the desert.  Clear skies, 70 degree weather and lots of Events & Adventures friends learning to shoot clay pigeons with the shotguns.  One of our members was such a good shot; he was able to hit four clay pigeons with one load, and two shots—entertaining and impressive! Then the night was filled with custom built pizza, a personal pizza truck, craft beer, and Cards Against Humanity.

Sunday we slowed it down and took to the trails and rode horses into the sunset. This quiet, peaceful ride through the desert was the perfect way to wrap up a fun, eventful and adventure-filled weekend.
There’s so much to do with Events & Adventures there’s no need to plan your weekend.  Spend your week concentrating on what you need to get done; and then when the weekend comes around your R&R is all ready for you.  Whether you’re looking for something adventurous to do on your weekends, or an opportunity to meet and have fun with new friends, Events & Adventures has you covered.  Next weekend will be filled with even more new adventures, so check us out. We’ll be doing things like city scavenger hunts, bumping each other around at bubble soccer, or jumping out of planes on our quarterly skydiving adventure!  And all in one weekend!

Food & Clothing Drive for the Needy


Events & Adventures is proud to sponsor “Donations & Donuts”, a food and clothing drive to benefit the Phoenix Rescue Mission.  Hosted by the wonderful folks at Rollover Doughnuts, Events & Adventures members and staff will be collecting food and clothing for those less fortunate.

We invite you to please help those among us in need this holiday season by donating canned food and new or gently used clothing to the Phoenix Rescue Mission.  Here is everything you need to know about “Donations & Donuts”:

  • Sunday, December 20th
  • Between 11am and 2pm
  • Fully open to the public
  • Rain or shine
  • Rollover Doughnuts is located at 10 Vernon Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Please RSVP below so we can anticipate just how many people will be joining us at Rollover Doughnuts during the drive.  Thank you in advance for your support to this great cause.

Halloween on the London Party Bus with our Phoenix Singles!

Singles Halloween Party Bus     Here at Events and Adventures we like to do it right and do it good!!  Halloween in Phoenix consisted of all sorts of the right things and just some good ole fun!!  We started our evening by boarding on to two double decker Bus’s decked out in some sexy, some scary, some cute and some super creative and crazy costumed members and headed out to have a go at some of the Halloween festivities!! New friends were made, old friends had some great laughs and all of us enjoyed a great night out!

We ended our night in Old Town Scottsdale and all 83 of us made quite an impression!!  It was a night to remember, and will be hard to beat next Halloween!!

Searching for Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty

Have you done anything noteworthy or mentionable? That is the question that plagues Walter Mitty in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” First published in 1939 by James Thurber, Walter Mitty is a mild man with a vivid fantasy life. In his fantastic daydreams, he is the heroic, adventurous, romantic man he longs to be and personally triumphs. In Ben Stiller’s remake of the 1947 classic, Walter Mitty is trapped behind a desk where his biggest real-life adventure is trying to fill out an online dating profile. When asked what he has done that is noteworthy or mentionable, he has no answer.

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Flying Through The Air……

Flying through the air is one of the most exhilarating and scary feelings I’ve ever felt! A few weeks ago, I decided to take the chance and signed up for the Saturday morning Trapeze 101 class, not knowing what I was getting myself into! I think everyone who signed up was in the same boat though; as we were all excited out of our minds! All I can say is that If you like a challenge with a “scary” THRILL then this is an event I would recommend for you!

Our group was given basic instruction, pointers by trained trapeze team, and plenty of support by the members watching on the ground! The trapeze team has incredible ability and is something to see in person if you haven’t! We then each took flying through the air, thankful for the net below! This is definitely something I would sign up for again and would recommend to anyone!

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix

Fred Astaire Dancing

One of the most popular events here at Events & Adventures is anywhere where we get instruction on  proper dance steps and moves! One of our favorite places to go is the Fred Astaire Dance Studio where the instructors are plentiful, music and dance partners are great and where we all feel comfortable putting to use the step-by-step instruction we received for the evening! 
We had such a great time a few months ago, that we decided to go check it out again in a new location! Between foxtrot, waltz, and several other dances, the options are endless! This is event is one of the best ways to meet other members as we have the opportunity to dance with one another throughout the evening! This is an event not to be missed! 

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix

Adults Night Out!

This past weekend we headed downtown to check out the Adults Night Out event at the Phoenix Science Museum! All that really means is that there are NO kids! We were able to grab a drink at the entrance (if we wanted) and headed in with just us adults – and it was awesome!

As a group we checked out several of the floors of interesting information, challenged each other with their hands on experiments and got to know one another in a fun, open environment! There was no uncomfortable pressure or awkward activities that made anyone feel out of place.  Afterwards we met up at a local pub that had some great music, a plethora of drink specials and options along with great food! The best part of the evening though: we were there till the late hours getting to know one another, making new friends and just enjoying a night out and not sitting at home!

Courtney Event Manager Phoenix