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Salt Does More Than Just Enhance Flavor!

This definitely tops the chart with the coolest thing I’ve done all month…a salt cave! As I walked inside, salt crunched under my feet like sand on a beach and the walls sparkled with salt crystals. We sat back in our reclining chairs and snuggled up in our blankets. We laid back and chatted about our days. Shortly the lights dimmed and calming sounds of the ocean played as we nestled in.  This unique experience was more than just relaxing. The air inside the cave was beneficial on many levels. The components of natural sea salts that filled the air have a concentration which promote several areas of health. Who knew this hidden gem was tucked away right here in our city? After a long, hard day at work, it was great to relax with some friendly E&A faces and try something new!  

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A Blank Canvas. A Glass of Wine. A Stroke of Genius

It’s Tuesday night after a long day of work. Most people head home to put on their sweats and plop in front of the TV all night. Not us. That’s not E&A’s style! Instead, we met up for a relaxing evening of wine, painting and friends! The night began with sipping and sampling the different wines we brought. We relaxed on plush couches and snacked on fresh baked breads accompanied by infused oils and vinegars. We took time to unwind, meet new members and talk about our day. Then it was time for the real fun to start! We each selected our desired photo and attempted to recreate it with paint and a blank canvas. At first it was a bit intimidating, but it wasn’t long before my painting was well on its way! Just when I thought i was stuck, help was close by. E&A had a private painting session which came with two of our very own instructors! Whenever we needed guidance or supplies they were right there waiting to help us. Even if we didn’t need anything at all they were there with compliments and encouragement! And when we were indulged and focused on our paintings, they brought to our attention when the local commuter train pulled up to the station across the street. For those of you that were there, you know what I mean. Let’s just say it was a reminder to take a break, breathe and sip your wine. (We liked train breaks). At the end of the evening it was great to see how many of us chose the same picture to paint and how differently they each turned out. The colors, the shapes, the strokes of the brushes…they were  all impressively beautiful! It was obvious to me how each of our characters were expressed through our art. We all have our own style and uniqueness…And that’s what E&A is all about. Coming together to be who we are!   Some of us have similarities and some of us have differences. That is why the club works! That is why we love it and have a blast!

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It’s Halloween in Chicago!

 Chicago’s biggest event yet!!! And guess who was there? Super woman! Captain Jack Sparrow! And the Energizer Bunny! That’s right…I am talking about the Halloween Bash, and boy was it is FUN!!! Our first annual Halloween Party was so awesome that it carried into the wee hours of the morning! The company was great! The band rocked! The costumes were spectacular! It was so refreshing to see each other out of the ordinary. Dressing up simply makes you feel like a kid again, and we all need that every once in a while! Our VIP loft was perfect for dancing or just relaxing and mingling on the comfy couches. Plus, it was only steps away from the band. We had the best of both worlds! E&A created a night of great fun, friends and memories. We have the pictures to prove it!

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It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…….

 Cue spooky music…It was a dark and stormy night…Well maybe not “stormy” but it was drizzly and cold!  The line was so long that we thought we would turn into zombies before we got to the end, but we didn’t mind too much. We had good company. There were 50 E&A members hanging out and we were on a mission!  There had been a zombie out break and it was up to us to save mankind!  We were loaded onto hay wagons and each assigned a paintball gun. Then we took off into the night.  Things were calm at first but then zombies started coming at us from all sides and it was our job to mow them down with our paintball guns!  There were a few close calls, but by the end we felt invincible!  After that we ventured out on foot through the pitch black corn maze with nothing but our flashlights to protect us!  We weren’t sure if  we would all made it out alive, but we did, and would do it again in a heartbeat! At the end of the night we eliminated the zombies and gained new E&A friends!

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All About Fencing…..Chicago

Foil, sabre, epee…do you know what these things are? I do!  I never would have thought I would be doing something that dates back to the 16th century. I am referring to our fencing lesson. It was awesome! Our instructor was great at allowing us lots of hands-on exposure. She also educated us on the evolution of fencing up until its modern day. I had no clue that national fencing tournaments take place right here in Chicago. It’s a whole other hidden world! The experience was a first for nearly all of us E&A members. I love doing new things together! Someone was even able to check off an item on their bucket list! We let our guard down and tried something new. Actually, we kept our guard up! Haha…ON GUARD!

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Monday Night Wallyball Chicago

Monday night Wallyball was awesome! It was all our first time playing so we were in the same boat. Wallyball combines the right amount of fun and exercise to keep you wanting more! It was awesome to see how much our skills progressed by the end of the evening. Heck, Kelli even invented her own serve where the ball disappears right before your eyes! It was a great way get rid of that Monday stress. I can’t count how many times I said “just one more game!” E&A brought us together and encouraged us to try this new, amazing sport which we will definitely see on the calendar again. The evening ended with laughs, sweat and salted caramel pumpkin ice cream. That’s normal, right?!

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Getting Dirty Chicago!

 It’s been awhile since I’ve felt like a kid again, and our pottery class did the trick! Having clay all over my hands, arms and under my fingernails brought me back to my childhood. There is something about being dirty that makes me cringe and happy at the same time! We all began nice and slow on our pottery wheels trying to keep control of our clay and the splatter to a minimum. It didn’t take long before we realized this isn’t as easy as it looks! Some of us created beautiful bowls and vases while others’ looked like the work of a kindergartener(myself). All and all our creations were our own and we were proud of our art, perfect or lop-sided. I can confidently say that we threw around some clay and some laughs as well!   
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September is off to a great start in Chicago!

 We began the week with Bocce Ball and $4 burgers. And no, they were not small dinky patties, but full size delicious juicy burgers that are regularly priced at $11. Our guys vs gals bocce battles were pretty intense! We all learned a thing or two about the game. The weather was beautiful on Wednesday for sand volleyball in Grant Park as well as Thursday outdoor movie night. The showing was a remake of the American classic, Footloose. It was a great movie to conclude our monthly summer “movies in the park” series. We all shared snacks, drinks and good company. Some of us even danced our way to the car! Come out soon to see what the rest of the month has in store for you!

April Kordyak
Events Manager – Chicago

Scavenger Hunt Downtown Chicago!

 When you live in a big city, sometimes it’s easy to forget the little gems that make it so great.  The Chicago E&A’ers got a chance to participate in our first ever Scavenger Hunt!  We broke up into teams and ran all over downtown Chicago, searching for landmarks and collecting interesting information.  Did you know the sculpture at Millennium Park that we lovingly call “The Bean” is actually named Cloud Gate?  Who knew?!  We also learned that it is not as easy to find a book of matches as it might have been a few years ago, am I right Scavenger Hunters?  We roared with the lions at the Art Institute, interviewed each other in front of ABC Studios, and blew bubble gum bubbles in front of the Wrigley Building, and that’s only scratching the surface!  After a day like that how could we not feel proud to call Chicago our home!

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